About SKY PV Energy

Under the group of LiHsin Construction Firm which has 120-150 experienced architect and civil engineering technicians, SKY PV Energy provides comprehensive contracting arrangement that allow to manage efficiently all stages of the realization process of a PV power plant, from land development, permitting, engineering and construction, to commissioning.

A good EPC company must have solid agreements with the main reliable manufacturers to obtain excellent contractual terms and continuity in PV component supplies, knowledge and respect all legal regulations; furthermore it must have financial solidity and must be structured with professional technical, administrative and maintenance departments.

Taiwan, located in the tropical zone, is the best-suited area for PV installations. And Taiwan government is encouraging the development of renewable energy. A recent forecast of 2019 sees 1.5GW new PV installations in Taiwan, making Taiwan as top 10 markets in the world with a global market share of 1.6%.

SKY PV Energy is continuously implementing solar power, aim to increase domestic power sources in Taiwan and to participate in a sustainable environment for future generation.